University Avenue Enhancement Proposal

Why a road diet on University Avenue will be good for Oxford. 

Notes from Public Meeting Tues 7/1/2008 at 4:30 pm in the Oxford Conference Center

Update 7/10/2008
Issues Summary (PDF) and
Recommendation (PDF) to the Board of Aldermen

Making University Ave. more like the Square and less like W. Jackson will lead to a more livable, desirable and sustainable town.
For more motivation here is a note on how Gas prices are changing the face of America

Road Diets (Wikipedia)

Road Diet Slide Show

Specific Recommendations for University Ave (Web | PDF)
Pre-construction Striping

Proposed Road Diet Striping

Report on 4 lanes to 3 diet on a street in Orlando with similar traffic volume to Univ Av.
 UPDATE 7/15/2008.  University Avenue construction will proceed as planned -- 4 lanes undivided.  An intermediate pedestrian crossing is recommended by the Mayor.

According to the ordinance establishing the Pathways Commission, Oxford’s Guiding Principles recognize "the need to establish a densely connected network of streets and roads to guide future growth that equally serves automobiles, pedestrians, bicycles and future possibilities of transit"

What is being proposed?

Restriping 0.5 miles of University Avenue after construction to provide more access for pedestrians and cyclists and more safety for everyone. The approach to intersections -- with Bramlett/S. 18th and with S. Lamar remain the same.
The figure below is from this Federal Highway Safety Report.

Why are we even thinking about this, isn't traffic on University already bad?

That is exactly the point. It is difficult to cross 4 lanes of traffic. Pedestrians walking on the sidewalk have very little buffer from cars speeding by. Bike lanes will provide a buffer zone for pedestrians. Oxford's new transit system will not be stopping at every business, more people will be walking from the bus stop to their final destination(s). Reducing lanes from 4 to 3 may result in a slight reduction in average speed but it will be most effective in controlling people who are currently taking advantage of the "passing" lane to break the speed limit. A slight amount of traffic calming will have a large effect on pedestrian safety.

Vehicle Speed (mph)Travel Time
on Univ Ave
(0.5 mile)
Probability of Pedestrian Fatality After a Crash
> 45
90 sec
60 sec
< 40 sec