Stone Center - Opportunities 

The Stone Center / Hank Aaron Triplex / Leslie Tennis Courts complex is a prime destination for the Oxford Depot Trail. The wooded area between the Stone Center and the Depot Trail and between Washington Ave. and Baseball Fields is presently bit of an eyesore and a safety hazard. The strip of undeveloped property is overgrown with privet, practically right up to the edge of the trail, and a dumping ground for trash and occasional stolen item. It would be a great place to begin pathway beautification efforts.

The Stone Center is ~ 70 by 90 ft. It hosts the meals on wheels program and is available for rent. There are no windows on the North and East walls of the building. The community center sits on top of a small hill elevated ~15 feet from the level of the trail. The city pool, the Boys and Girls Club and the Oxford Middle School campus are directly adjacent to the Stone Center. It would be a great site for a community bike facility.

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Phase 1 - Clean up the wooded area to:

  • Remove the invasive non-native plant species
  • Provide an opportunity for community involvement (see the "Privet Pull" flier (MSword) from the Lichterman Nature Center in Memphis)
  • Turn this neglected city property into a managed woods
  • Take advantage of the terrain to build some short kid-accessible bike trails

Little Kids

Bigger Kids

Phase 2 - Explore the possibility of creating a community bike center with some or all of the following functions (see links below for community bike program guides and examples):

  • A community workshop where volunteers would help and teach minor bike repairs
  • A bike recycling center, donated bikes could be repaired and rehabilitated
  • A youth training center, safety courses
  • Youth volunteer opportunities to earn a bike.
  • A bike rental facilit


Youth Bicycle Education Network
The Youth Bicycle Education Network (YBEN) links, supports, and strengthens organizations that use the bicycle as a vehicle for youth development and community building.

Bike Collective Network, The mission of the Bike Collective Network is to strengthen and encourage communication and resource sharing between existing and future community bike shops. Collectively we can improve a bigger wheel as opposed to re-inventing smaller ones.

The International Bicycle Fund - Community Bike Programs
IBF is A non-governmental, nonprofit, advocacy organization, promoting sustainable transport and international understanding. This section outlines a wide variety Community Bike Programs, from Bike Sharing to Community workshops.

IBF Youth & Earn-a-Bike Programs This category covers a range of programs involving young people and bicycles: teaching young people cycling skills, a vocation, personal management, business management and community consciousness, and giving them self-esteem, while promoting bicycling and diverting good bicycles from the land fill.


Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop, Memphis - Located in the basement of First Congregational United Church of Christ - Mission of providing all Memphians—particularly the working poor—with bicycles and the means to repair them.
- five year track record - more than a thousand bikes repaired and recycled. - hundreds instructed struct and maintain their bikes - hundreds of children access to bikes - increased and gave new purpose to the community of cyclists

Plan B - New Orleans community-run bike project Plan B is a community-run bike project that functions as an open workspace for bicycle repair. The workspace makes an array of professional bike tools available for use to the public for free while volunteers offer free help in bike repair. The bike shop makes parts available at low cost or for small donations. All of the proceeds from parts sales are used to keep the project running.

Bike Works - Seattle
An organization that has been working for kids, bikes, and community in the Rainier Valley since 1996. The programs invest in young people and encourage bicycling as a clean and healthy transportation alternative. Theirr mission is to build sustainable communities by educating youth and promoting bicycling. They teach young people how to fix bikes, reward them with their own set of wheels, and provide affordable bicycle services to the community.

Recycle a Bike, Brooklyn, NY
An innovative, fun, youth training and environmental education initiative that has taken root in New York City public schools and respected after-school youth programs. Recycle-A-Bicycle promotes everyday bicycle use, and it is a great place to learn bicycle mechanics, interact with positive, forward-thinking NYC youth. Their retail shops are the place to find that city bike you need.

Working Bikes Co-operative - Chicago
Working Bikes Cooperative recovers landfill-bound bicycles, repairs them to working condition, and sells them to Chicagoans at a low cost in order to fund shipments of bicycles and bike parts to developing countries. Working Bikes co-operative is an almost entirely volunteer organization; they currently employ six part-time mechanics to ensure that their bikes are plentiful and in full working order.