Bicycle Safety

League of American Bicyclists 

 Many thanks to the MDOT Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) program and Bike Walk Mississippi for sponsoring League Cycling Instructor (LCI) training for 33 Mississippians. LCI's are certified to teach bike safety to groups and individuals. The new LCI's have committed to teach at least 5 sessions for local elementary school students. Several of Oxford LCI's, Frankie Winn, Vivian Neill , Roger Kuhnle and Mike Mossing along with Oxford SRTS director Jeff Hallam and Oxford School District teacher Cynthia Howell recently lead campers at Oxford Park Commission's Day Camp through the ABC's (Air in the tires, Brakes, Chain) of bike mechanics. The campers brought their bikes and received helmets donated by Baptist Hospital. The instructors reviewed the rules of the road before helping the campers practice starting, stopping and straight line riding drills. The lesson concluded with a ride on the Oxford Depot Trail to practice bicycle handling. Groups or individuals interested in a short bike safety presentation or in-depth training can contact the commission or Bike Walk Mississippi for more information.