Safe Routes to Oxford Schools

Programs for Bramlett, Della Davidson and Oxford Middle Schools

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Oxford Proposal Draft

Safe Routes to Oxford Schools Plans for Fall 2007

  1. Surveys for parents were distributed Thursday Aug 30.
  2. In class tallies of student transportation took place Sept 4-7.
  3. Walking Wednesdays begin Sept. 26. Parents, Grandparents, Students, UM Athletes, will gather between 7 and 7:30 am at several locations within 0.2 to 0.5 miles from school. Refreshments and give-aways will be available. Parents and volunteers will lead groups ("walking schoolbuses") safely across intersections to their schools.
  4. International Walk to School Day Wed Oct 3. Final Organized Walking Wednesday, Prizes will be given to classes with the most Walking Participants for the 4 weeks.
The Safe Routes to Schools program will encourage students and parents at three schools to get a little exercise and cut down on motor vehicle traffic before and after school. Programs are planned for Bramlett Elementary (grades preK-1), the new Della Davidson Elementary ( 4-5), and Oxford Middle (6-8) Schools. Kickoff events in August, Walking Wednesdays in September and a big celebration with prizes for participation by class on International Walk to School day on Oct. 3 are being planned for next fall.

The map above is centered on Oxford Middle school. Blue dots represent student residences in the Oxford School district.