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Here are some links to external information on Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy Efforts that may be helpful for local planning. Use the Bike-ability Checklist (PDF) to note your biking experiences (problems and successes) in Oxford.

Sharrows are street markings that indicate shared roadways, discussed in this article from the Christian Science Monitor. They might be a useful way to indicate the proper place for bikes on the UM campus. Bicycles mixed with other vehicular traffic on campus will reinforce the 18 mph speed limit. This past January the symbol was recommended for inclusion in the
Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (PDF).

The Bicycle Benefits Program in Saratoga, NY and Burlington, VT rewards cyclists for wearing their helmets with discounts from local merchants.

Thinking of riding without a helmet? Here is the story of a good friend of mine, I shared a lab with her for 4 years. Careful Bicyclist Let Up One Time And Lost Her Life, Capital Times : October 30, 1990. On the other hand, statistics are complicated as indicated in this review by D.L. Robinson, "Bicycle helmet legislation: Can we reach a consensus?"

A new study (PDF) from Copenhagen, Denmark on the safety of bike lanes and other segregated facilities shows increased usage and perception of safety in segregated facilities but slightly fewer accidents when bikes share the road with normal traffic.

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