Pop-up Museum-Grove Project

The City of Oxford Pathways Commission and the University of Mississippi Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee have jointly proposed a temporary project that would allow the city and university to evaluate the potential benefits of implementing Oxford's newly revised complete streets policy on the section of University Avenue between the University of Mississippi Museum (5th St.) and Grove Loop. This pop-up demonstration will take place on street sections maintained by both the city and the university. The project is proposed to stay in place for much of July 2015.

Project Description:

This project involves temporarily applying configurations and collecting data to study if by design the street can facilitate efficient traffic flow within the speed limit and safer pedestrian crossing.

       Using temporary/removable paint and tape and some planters, change the current four-lane configuration to include:

o   Two travel lanes for motorists, two bike lanes, and one center turn lane

o   Shared bike & motorists lanes at intersections 

o   Pedestrian island(s) & crosswalk(s) to facilitate safer mid-block crossing

       Materials provided by the Office of Sustainability and crowd sourced funding

       Labor provided by volunteers (placement & removal)

       Evaluation (one of Oxford's focus points for the Mayor’s Challenge) will include:

o   Speed data collected by City of Oxford

o   Bicycle & pedestrian counts provided volunteers

o   Comments & feedback collected by Pathways & Office of Sustainability 


Why this location?

       Based on data collected from recent active transportation count, this entrance to campus is the main one for pedestrians and cyclists.

       This is the only four-lane road on campus, which may contribute to the excessive motorist speeds observed on this road (85 percentile speed = 32mph; posted as 18mph).

       This would be a continuation of the 3 lane-treatment (2 travel and a turn) from 5th to 9th street.

       People frequently cross this road on foot, despite the crosswalk being removed some years ago.

       Cyclists often ride on the sidewalks in this area, creating conflicts between cyclists & pedestrians, as well as cyclists & motorists at intersections.

       Increasing options for active transportation is a goal that the university and city share, and the location of this section of road is particularly attractive for a collaborative project.

       It is a well-known area of town, which will likely prompt many people to provide feedback.


Why temporary?

·      This temporary project would be a good opportunity to try out various configurations in a cost-effective manner.

·      Any temporary markings can be easily removed without damage to the existing infrastructure (i.e. the bagging of traffic lights at Anderson & W. Jackson)

·      July is a strategic time to try temporary projects in Oxford. Orientation sessions will be finished and the traffic counts are lower. 

Kate Kellum,
Jun 11, 2015, 1:23 PM