Phase 3 Survey Results

Results from 28 responses through the online form, 16 Dec 2009. 

Rankings above, comments at the bottom. Google map with selected items 

Suggestion HP ML 2HP+ML
Campus to Walmart 15 4 34
Courthouse square - all walking surfaces renovated and accessible for all. 12 10 34
Old Taylor Road/MS-6 Bridge/Roundabouts 15 4 34
Jackson Av W. (S) Sidewalk from G.Ford Pkwy to Sorority Row 13 6 32
Old Taylor Rd to Taylor via the roadbed 13 6 32
Molly Barr Bike Lanes from McElroy to Washington Ave 13 4 30
Walmart Bike access from Campus or W. Jackson 12 6 30
Depot Trail extend north 12 5 29
Bramlett and Univ. Ave. Ped signal 12 4 28
"Whirlpool MTB Trails - Signage, promotion and ""mile markers""" 13 2 28
FNC Park MTB/walking/running trails (single track) 9 8 26
Jackson Ave to Sorority Row Re-activate the L. turn Light 9 8 26
N.Lamar Bike Lanes from Molly Bar to Industrial Park 10 6 26
Anderson Rd. Bike Lane 10 5 25
Campus Closed to Cars 7 11 25
"Depot trail neighborhoods connections (CB Webb, Longest, etc.)" 10 5 25
Univ Ave W. from Old Taylor to Lamar (at least to S. 5th) 11 3 25
"Lamar park path ""how to"" (signs coming)" 9 6 24
McElroy Dr Sidewalks from Molly Barr to College Hill 8 8 24
S.18th Sidewalk 9 6 24
Sisk Ave sidewalk from Bramlet to Conference Ctr. Rd 8 8 24
Univ Ave W. Bike Access Hwy 30 to Kroger (E of MS-7) 9 6 24
Lafayette Schools Bike Paths 10 4 24
N.9th St. Sidewalk from Jefferson to Elm St. 7 9 23
MS-334 Paved Shoulders 8 7 23
Univ Ave E. Sidewalk from 334 to MS-6 8 6 22
MS-6 South Side Bike only route Thacker Heights to Coliseum 6 9 21
"Thacker Mtn Trail - Extend S. to Taylor, and Water Valley" 7 7 21
Univ Ave E. Crosswalk at 15th or 16th 8 5 21
Rail/Trail from Oxford to Abbeville 8 5 21
Thacker Mtn and Depot trail - lighting 6 7 19
W. Jackson (N) from old mall to Sorority Row. 6 7 19
Anchorage Rd. Shoulders 5 8 18
W.Oxford Loop & Jackson Ave. to connect with Anderson Road 5 8 18
Whirlpool and Depot trail - lighting 5 8 18
MS-30 Paved Shoulders from Oxford to Woodson Ridge Rd. 5 8 18
"Stone Park - Skills Course, pump track, IMBA Gateway" 4 9 17
Office Park Dr. Direct Connection to Burney Branch Bridge 3 10 16
Oxford Mall Redevelopment?? 3 10 16
Blackberry Hills to UM Golf course (N. of Airport) 2 10 14

Other suggestions for Phase 3?
Twice weekly cleaning of existing bike paths which are otherwise unsafe to ride because of the amount of debris.

All of the ideas not rated were not clear enough for rating.  Jerry Kellum, 6628167139.

I live on Highland Place, a cul de sac off Jackson, north side.  It is dangerous to cross traffic from my street to the sidewalk on the south side of Jackson.  Sidewalks on both sides of Jackson West would be so helpful and make walking, biking, to town and campus ever so much safer.

If there's any way to put in a sidewalk in the small area of Park Dr. between Zilla Avent and Thomas St.?  According to Google Maps it is only 449 ft., but in pedestrian terms it is a terrifying 150 yard dash worthy of Fear Factor!  My dream would be for Park to have a sidewalk all the way up to Hwy 30;since that will likely NEVER happen, please try to take care of this dangerous stretch of blind curve.

Also, a sidewalk along S. 18th would be great, but of little use if the neighborhood's drainage problem hasn't been fixed--I hear the runoff on the west side is still pretty bad. 
I'm no scientist, but it seems alternative materials such as pervious concrete ( should really be looked into for city parking projects in order to help with our stormwater issues.

In general, I think anything that promotes walking/cycling to/from the university is a high priority.   Along the same lines, anything that makes driving to campus more difficult is high priority.  A shuttle and/or bike lane from remote parking would be nice.  

Personally, I use the MB Whirlpool trails and would like more of the the same.  However, I think that most people in Oxford would be influenced to walk/cycle if there were more flat/easy paths that do not share with motorists.  For example, extending the rails-to-trails paths north or south might influence more people to get out and walk/cycle for exercise which may translate to walking/cycling to campus.

I'm sure I missed previous conversations, but most of these checkboxes don't really ring any bells, and a few just confused me.  I'm not entirely sure of the location, the specific improvement, or the beneficiaries of some of these choices.  I've marked what I felt like I could.  

I would like to condense my sets of opinions down into a quick overview; I'm sure that others have done this, but if you don't mind I'll put my own 2 cents in.  As a bike rider in Oxford, I would urge that:

1.  We should first aim for improvement to existing and proposed alternate transportation routes, on or off existing roads; later, we expand.  There might be good reasons to suggest the opposite, but that's my opinion.

2:  Improvements should focus primarily on producing a continuously protected*, multilinear,* and multi-use* core network of dedicated lanes in and around Oxford; Although I'm no urban planner, it seems all three of these traits are necessary for any sustained community of alternate transportation use in Oxford.

*2A:  Continuously protected:  In other words, alternate transport routes ought to protect and isolate bike users from dangerous traffic; they ought not force users onto busy roads or to disrupt vehicular traffic.
*2B:  Multilinear:  paths ought to intuitively lead to and from, and connect various parts of town.  A single line cutting a town in half is less useful or usable.
*2C:  Multi-use:  it needs to accommodate both recreational and practical purposes & be broadly useful to various kinds of people, not niche-market improvements for serious mtb'ers or road riders alone.  It needs to connect a variety of neighborhoods (& demographics), commercial areas, campus, and dedicated recreational areas such as the Whirlpol trails or FNC park.

3.  Existing nonvehicular routes certainly need to be better protected--signage lights, crosswalks, etc.--where they interact with vehicular traffic; I'm inclined to say this is a matter of public safety or DOT responsibility.

4. I'm happy to get behind any project that extends or produces new outlying parts to our existing system, as long as they don't stop the city from producing a core network of protected & useful alternate transportation routes.

As a local rider, I really appreciate your leadership on this--& I'm happy to talk more if anyone wants any more feedback.

Frontage Road / Bickerstaff Road sidewalk and bike paths between Lamar and Taylor Road