Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts

5pm to 7pm Thursday September 10, 2009  and noon to 2 pm Saturday September 12 2009

Here is a form to sign up to Volunteer to Help If you have some time on the 10th or 12th.

A short training session will preceed the counts at 4 pm on Thursday Sept 10 in the Turner Center Library.

Downloads from NBPD

The Oxford Pathways Commission will sponsor a Bike and Pedestrian count on Sept 10 and 12.

The count and surveys will allow us to assess our progress and more effectively plan for future programs in the city of Oxford and the University of Missississippi campus.

The counts will follow national guidelines established by the National Bicycle & Pedestrian Documentation Project and not only help us locally but help to build a national, publicly accessible database to guide the development of best-practice standards, programs and policy across the country. 

Have a question or suggestion? You can call to leave a message: