Commuter Challenge

Bike, Bus or Car(pool) -- Seeking the quickest, healthiest, most sustainable commute. 4/23/2009

Thank You!

To all of the participants for making the first annual challenge a huge success.  And thanks to our friends at the Oxford Eagle and the Ole Miss Newsdesk (Youtube) for covering the story.

Commuter Challenge Showcases Benefits of Biking in Oxford-UM Community

On your mark, get set, GREEN

4/23/09 - ‘Commuter Challenge’ proves narrow margin

Carbon Footprints

  • OUTransit buses (~10 mpg) 
    • 2 lb CO2 / mi 
    • as little as 0.2 lb / passenger mile (10  passengers)
  • SUV (18 mpg)
    • 1.1 lb CO2 / mi
  • Compact Car (30 mpg)
    • 0.67 lb CO2 / mi
  • Bicycle ( ~ 30 Calories /mile)
    • 0 lb CO2 / mi
    • On the energy equivalent to one gallon of gasoline (31,000 Calories) a cyclist could travel over 900 miles

Other Commuter Challenges


Time Participant Mode Footprint
7:34 Eddie Smith Bike
10:30 Alan Pate Bike
10:00 Blake Buck Bus
10:00 Shannon Richardson Bus
10:00 Christina Balmer Bus
10:00 Katie Hiatt Bus
14:26 Steven Begley Bike
14:26 Hunter Richardson Bike
12:40 Jim Morrision Carpool
12:40 Syd Spain Carpool

Compete in the Commuter Challenge Thursday Morning

  • Get your race number at 7:15 am and Bike, Bus or Drive

    • from Walmart to the Student Union. Meet OUTransit Commissioner Shannon Richardson (Bus), Campus Sustainablility Chair Jim Morrison and Research Park Director Sid Spain (Carpool), and the OMOD Mountain Bike Crew at the Bus stop (near the grocery entrance at Walmart)
    • or from the Oxford Activity Center to City Hall. Meet Mayor Howorth and Bo Ragon, City Shop Director (on bikes), Transit Commissioners Jack Howard and Carol Haney (will ride the OUT bus) Meet in the Parking lot next to the tennis courts.  Bus stops on Molly Barr (Northbound) just before turning onto Price St. 
  • Challenge starts when the bus arrives (7:26 - 7:28).  Turn in your number on the steps of the student Union or City Hall (Car or bike legally Parked).
  • Campus participants who Carpool can park in the Turner Center Lot - Reserved for vehicles with 2 or more passengers on Thursday.
  • All participants will be entered to win a Bike from Regions Bank