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June 17 2014
Pathways Annual Report to the Board of Aldermen


Fri May 16 
Bike to work day

Sat Aug 25 2012 Bike Rodeo at the BMH-NM Children's Health Fair

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Friday May 18 - Bike to Work Day
    7-9am on the Square
Friday May 18 - Bike From Work Day

Jan 2012 - Oxford Bikeways Project Phase II - (11.25 mi)

      Lafayette County and Oxford , Mississippi are home to the University of Mississippi and great places to live. The Oxford Pathways Commission seeks to maintain the friendly, small town feel of Oxford in the face of rapid growth and development by planning to keep the town connected by accessible walking and biking paths, and its citizens and visitors healthy and happy by encouraging them to enjoy all that the community has to offer while traveling under their own power.

      This site is an attempt to provide a central independent location for those who want to find out more about getting around Oxford without a car. If you want to know more or if you want to contribute to the project send us an email.


BFC Bronze Level Renewal May 2012

(Press Release - PDF)

(Feedback from LAB)

New Safe Passing Signs have been installed! - April 2012

OPC Day Campers on the Oxford Depot Trail

Bike and Build SC2SC Crew in Oxford

LOU Bike Map

City Routes, County Rides and MTB trails (PDF)

Safe Routes to Oxford Schools


Bike Ride Maps